MG Force is a provider of digital web design and development, marketing and advertising services. We work very closely with our clients to scope out, design and implement a website that benefits their brand and brings about direct growth to their bottom line through local connections and helping them acquire more long term customers/clients with digital marketing. From the first meeting to the design and delivery, upkeep, email setup and SEO, MG Force strives to exceed your expectations and deliver like no other.

Jim Morrison - Mg Force Owner

Jim Morrison

With over 20 years of experience working on projects for large corporations, the healthcare industry and the military, Jim has a passion for working closely with a devoted team – connecting with great clients, the clients success is the Jim’s and the teams success.

Nancy Morrison - MG Force Multimedia and Marketing

Nancy Morrison

A key member of the team for over 20 years, Nancy brings the overall capabilities of a film director to the table – handling many projects and flowing seamlessly between the client and the team, Nancy brings it all together.

Bodi and Oliver - MG Force Multimedia and Marketing

Oliver & Bodi

More than just dogs, Oliver and Bodi carry on the tradition of having a red dog mascot in our company and in our hearts. We have clients that insist on us bringing the boys, and they have been a consistent part of our business for many years. MG Force relies on the steady need to bring treats to the table to drive us to ever higher goals.